Aeterra Arts



  • 2.    Presenting a Proposal

After I have gathered all the key information, I will present you with a proposal for creating several framing alternatives.  The proposal will include:

  •     Steps to be taken to capture a set of high resolution photos of the art to be framed and the location where the art will be displayed.
  • The number of framing alternatives to be developed using ImageFramer state-of-the-art firmware.
  • The process for reviewing the framing alternatives and the associated cost and time-frame to do the actual custom framing for each alternative.
  •     The cost for creating the framing alternatives.  

The minimum cost for developing and presenting three framing alternatives for one piece of art is $20.  If you select Aeterra Arts to undertake the the actual custom framing project, this cost will be waived.


  • 3.    Developing Framing Alternatives