Aeterra Arts



Why choose Aeterra Arts for your custom framing needs?


    Quality Craftsmanship

    With over fifteen years of custom framing experience, I have developed the

    knowledge and skills to deliver a high quality product that consistently exceeds the

    expectations of my customers.  I pay attention to details and I do not take short cuts

    that would compromise the quality of the final product.      


    Customer Satisfaction

    I provide highly personalized service to clients who live and work in the Northwest

    suburbs of Chicago.  As an independent contractor I can focus more on my clients’

    needs rather than the needs of a brick-and-mortar business.  I also enjoy my work

    and interacting with the people I have the opportunity to meet.


    Fair Pricing

    As an in-home framer, I have low overhead which allows me to provide framing

    services at highly competitive prices.  I also tailor my services to meet your needs

    and your budget.  I will present my clients with the least expensive alternative that

    will  satisfy their needs but I am also prepared to present more elaborate     

    alternatives if necessary.

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